When you are ready to take your practical driving test your ICU Passing instructor will take you through a mock driving test. It will be as the driving test will be and will cover all the relevant points covered in the driving test.

The driving test is quite straightforward and your examiner wants you to do well. Your ICU Passing instructor will not recommend you sit your driving test until they feel you are ready. If you relax and drive as you have been during your lessons and practice you should be fine.

You will pass the driving test if you can demonstrate to your examiner that you can drive safely and have thorough knowledge of the rules of the highway code.

You can have your ICU Passing driving instructor or a friend with you for the driving test, this can be helpful later as you will remember little of what you do during the test.


Your Practical Driving Test will begin with an eyesight test. The Examiner will ask you to read either an old style number plate at 20.5 metres or a new style number plate at 20 metres. Failing the eyesight test will result in the test not proceeding.

Safety Checks:
You will be asked a question about carrying out safety checks on your vehicle before you get in the car. There is a limited number of questions you can be asked and they can all be found online. Your ICU Passing instructor will give you a copy of these before you start your test.

40 mins Drive:
After the initial checks you will then drive for about 40 minutes, the route will cover a variety of road and traffic conditions. Your examiner will give you clear instructions and direct you in good time. If you are unsure of anything you can ask for clarification. During the 40 minutes you will be asked to carry out one of these special exercises – you will be asked to pull up at a carefully selected place and the examiner will explain the exercise he want you to carry out:

• A bay park to either the right or left in a car park
• Reverse parking. Pull up on the right, reverse and then re-join the traffic.
• You may also be asked to carry out an emergency stop.

Throughout the test the examiner is looking for overall safe driving, with consideration for eco safe driving too. You will also be asked to drive independently for 20 minutes, you will either have to follow signs to a destination or follow a GPS (which will be provided), or a combination of both.

You can commit up to 15 driving faults and still pass the driving test so try not to let mistakes bother you. Our ICU Passing Instructors will help you to remain calm and drive safely.

At the end of your test the examiner will take a few minutes to mark your form, he will then give you the good news.

Should you fail your test it is a good idea to ask for your ICU Passing instructor to be included in the debrief. They can then help you work on the weaknesses shown in the test. When you pass your driving test you will be given a copy of the driving test report. The examiner will also ask for your provisional license, this will be shredded.

Driving Licence
Your Official Driving Licence will be sent automatically in the post and the examiner will give you a pass certificate as proof of your success until your new licence arrives.

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