ICU Passing driving school can offer pupils who have recently passed their driving test a Pass Plus driving course. The course builds upon the skills you gained while learning to drive and will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards.

The benefits of Pass Plus Driving Course include:

• Save you money on your car insurance
• Gaining quality driving experience.
• Help you become a more skilled driver.
• Teach you a positive driving style.
• Reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

Pass Plus Prices


ICU Passing Pass Plus Course is made up of six modules including:

Town Driving
The first module begins with an introduction to pass plus. We then look at all aspects of driving in busy areas, observation, consideration, anticipation, spatial awareness and unusual road systems are some of the areas covered. We will also look at specific areas your future driving may entail e.g. driving to college or University.

All Weather Driving
Correct speed, safe stopping distances and see and be seen.

Driving out of Town
This module will be taken out of town on country roads, we look at the main differences between town driving and country driving.

Night Driving
By driving in the dark on many of the roads you are used to you will learn about the differences in visibility, speed and stopping distances.

Dual Carriageways
You will develop your ability to join and exit dual carriageways, forward plan and overtake. By the end of the session you should feel more confident with faster moving roads.

Driving on Motorways
Similar to the dual carriageway session you will develop your ability to join and leave the motorway safely, you will overtake slower vehicles and gain an understanding of motorway signs and regulations.

Pass Plus is a practical driving course which takes 6 hours in total. Your instructor will complete a Training Report Form which you sign and date as you attain the required level in each of the 6 modules. You must complete all 6 modules to pass the pass plus course.

Having successfully completed the course you can send your Training Report Form to the DSA who will then issue you a Pass Plus Certificate of Completion. This will entitle you to an insurance discount from one of the companies taking part in the scheme. A full list of participating companies can be found at

We welcome enquiries throughout Renfrewshire, including Paisley, Ralston, Johnstone, Elderslie, Kilbarchan and Bridge of Weir, Howood and Renfrew.

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We are members of DIA & DSA Approved Driving Instructors and are qualified to offer the PassPlus course.

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